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Booze and Bunny Girls Activity for Stag Weekends

Booze and Bunny Girls

Ready to party like actual playboys? Of course you are!

If you want to do a stag party like the Hef, you need three things: a private room, a load of bunny girls, and champagne on tap. We'll supply the lot, and throw in some beers and a few rounds of shots for good measure!

For two hours, you lot get to party like you're kings of the world. Inside your private room, you'll find a table heaving with booze and two staggeringly hot bunny girls. The ladies are in full Playboy attire, complete with fluffy ears and cute tails, and their one and only mission is to help you have fun. Get acquainted, have a craic and emerge feeling like the one and only godfather of cool.

Break open the bubbly, toast the stag and have a laugh with the ladies. Loosen up over a few beers, or get into the shots for some drinking games with real live bunny girls. There's enough alcohol in this room to keep even the thirstiest stag party going for a couple of hours, and the company is the stuff that dreams are made of!

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