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Premium Bar Crawl Activity for Stag Weekends

Premium Bar Crawl

For an extra slice of stag party gold, go premium! This top drawer bar crawl puts the hours in with a really knowledgeable host, whose obsession with city nightlife is matched only by her capacity to ferret out the most interesting and stag-suitable drinking spots in town. Saddle up and get ready for the beer ride of a lifetime.

Your route is chosen by a local guide, who can adapt your premium bar crawl to your tastes. Let her know what kind of beer you like, or what kind of bar, and she'll come up with the goods. Or leave your stag party in her capable hands for a surprise tour that's guaranteed to satisfy!

Premium bar crawls have slightly different setups depending on the city you're partying in, but you're guaranteed a good number of free beers wherever you go. Plus you get longer to drink - typically four hours instead of the usual two or three. Check with your stag party co-ordinator for specific premium crawl details in your chosen location.

This one's ideal for beer buffs, and stags who want to get a real feel for the nightlife of a city before they move on to the club.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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