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Pitch n Putt Activity for Stag Weekends

Pitch n Putt

The perfect solution for stags who want to get a laid back start to the day, pitch and putt makes you feel like you're getting fresh air and exercise without actually making you sweat!

Tee off at a course that doesn't require you to play like Rory McIlroy, and enjoy a spot of golf where the fun comes before handicaps. If you've got a couple of golf bods and a load of amateurs on your stag do, it's the ideal way to get everyone involved without worrying about proper shoes or regulation shirts.

Tee off in lush surroundings, and amble through a round at a pace suited to lads who've been out on the town the night before! The beauty of pitch and putt is that no one expects you to be any good, so even the most compromised fellers in the stag do group can wield a club without major embarrassment.

Of course, no game of golf would be complete without a post-match pint or two! When you've made the final long shot and totted up the scores, it'll be just about that time when civilised chaps are thinking about a sneaky drink. Make tracks for the 19th hole, and mock the losers with shot forfeits.

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