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Indoor Golf Activity for Stag Weekends

Indoor Golf

The problem with golf is it doesn't take place in a pub. Well, it didn't used to, anyway! Chaps, if you can't bear to be away from the beers - or if you've got something else planned for daylight hours - you need indoor golf in your life.

A cracking stag party option for golf fans, beer boys and gamers, indoor golf blends all the best stuff in the world into one killer package. If you like pubs, top chow and hi tech interactive gaming experiences, you'll love this!

You'll be given a private booth in a central pub, perfectly located for carrying on the evening when you've finished a virtual round on one of the most famous course in the world. From Florida to St Andrew's, this is your chance to play the holes you always wanted to. And all from the comfort of a private booth filled with beer and snacks!

First nights can be messy affairs. By giving the stag party a focus for the first few hours, you'll sneakily control everyone's drinking. Instead of going hell for leather straight away, the boys will be occupied with perfecting their swing - and that means fewer fellers falling by the wayside as the evening progresses! They'll thank you for it when they're still standing at the club...

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