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Fencing Activity for Stag Weekends


En garde, sir! Unleash your inner musketeer with a fencing stag party. A refreshing change from your usual stag activities, this Olympic sport requires brains and brawn. This is proper fencing with real foils. Are you fast and smart enough to catch your opponent off his guard and deliver the winning blow? If you're up for doing something that most of the group are unlikely to have experienced, fencing is an excellent choice.

A competition-standard fencer will put your stag party through its paces! Learn the basics of the sport and then compete in a round robin event that sorts the amateurs from the dashing blades.

Discover how to weald a foil like a professional, and master basic sword fencing moves and techniques that'll have you running rings round your opponent. Your tutor will teach you to lunge, parry, and touch target areas.

When you've familiarised yourselves with the terms and practised the key fencing moves, it's time to go foil-to-foil and put your newfound skills to the test! Who will win the honour of being declared ultimate swordsman for the rest of the stag do?

In a nutshell:

  • Private fencing lesson
  • Professional tuition
  • Foils
  • Masks, jackets and gloves
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