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Texas Hold Em

A great idea for a stag do, a Texas Hold Em is basically an excuse to drink far too much whiskey, look like a card-playing badass, and fleece your mates out of their money. We'll sort the venue, set you up with proper poker playing equipment and add a croupier to give it that authentic touch. You'll even get table service from pretty waitresses, just like in the films.

The beauty of a Texas poker stag night is that it anyone can get involved and have a great time. By far the easiest type of poker to learn, Texas Hold 'Em has simple rules that greenhorns will pick up in minutes. Your croupier will go through rules, tactics and etiquette before the tournament starts and then it's every stag for himself!

Anything can and will happen! This is a game where beginners luck is just as likely to win the pot as experience. Who's the hustler? Who's the high roller? All will be revealed as you take your seats and bust out your finest poker faces for the ultimate test of cool under pressure.

Keep it all about the cards or up the ante with strippers or bunny girls. This is a stag night after all!

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