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Fancy a Flutter Strip Poker for Stag Weekends

Strip Poker

Made for stag nights, strip poker brings naked ladies and gambling together in one epic activity. We'll arrange for two hotties to join you for a spicy game of Texas Hold 'Em. Way more memorable than a bog standard strip show, this is something the whole group will get into. Enjoy strip poker during the day or at night in a private room of a bar, a strip club, on a boat...the possibilities are endless!

This is a proper game of poker with a trained dealer to explain the rules to the poker virgins and oversee stuff so you lot can concentrate on raising, bluffing, folding and boobs. The girls will have terrible hands and have to keep peeling off the clothes, but do remember than anything can happen in strip poker. Beginners often end up winning the pot and a duff hand can leave even the most experienced player sat at the table in nothing but his pants!

Gorgeous girls, a classic casino card game, easy access to a bar, and the chance to stitch up the groom good and proper. Strip poker ticks all the boxes.

Upgrade your strip poker stag party package with more strippers, extra hours and additional games.

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