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Thermal Baths Entertainment for Stag Weekends

Thermal Baths

The hens have it right when it comes to hangover cures: the thermal baths are just what the stag doctor ordered to combat the after-effects of a night on the ales. A session at this temple of detox will put that spring back in your step and get you ready for the next round. Steam the living hell out of your hangover and kickstart the circulation in hot, lukewarm and cool pools.

Feel those pesky toxins evaporate as you sit in the steam room. Let the pure waters of the pools work their magic on headaches and knotted muscles. Start off in the hot pool and then work your way to the cold plunge pool for a full-on, invigorating experience!

When you start to feel like a bunch of human beings again, head for the chillout area and enjoy a bit of R&R. Not just for hen parties, the thermal baths are fast becoming popular with stag parties as well.

Run on centuries-old traditions, the thermal baths beat common hangover cures like the full English breakfast hands-down. If you want to make the most of your stag weekend, get yourselves down the baths the morning after the night before.

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