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Thai Massage Entertainment for Stag Weekends

Thai Massage

Ever had a Thai massage? If not, a stag do is the ideal opportunity to experience this pretty bonkers bucket list experience. Why bonkers? Because it takes a real man to handle a proper Thai massage! Far more effective and way more intense than your average back, neck and shoulder job, this kind of massage ain't for the faint of heart but will make you feel like a new man.

In order to feel like you're 16 again, you need to go through a baptism of fire! You've probably heard a thing or two about Thai massages. Well, the rumours are largely true. Over the course of an hour or so, you can expect to be stretched, massaged and pummelled with hands and feet. Fingers and toes are yanked, knuckles cracked and the masseuse may walk on your back.

Why do it to yourself? Well, it might be a crazier than a box of badgers, but a Thai massage can alleviate everything from migraines and anxiety to insomnia and general stress. Just what the wedding doctor ordered!

If you're after a brilliant stag stitch up, book the big man in for a Thai massage. He'll thank you for the end!

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