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Stag Vs Hen GPS Challenge Entertaintment for Stag Weekends

Stag vs Hen GPS Challenge

Chaps, it's time to test the theory that men can use GPS better than a bunch of girls. Get the boys together for the ultimate stag weekend challenge. The honour of all bloke-kind is at stake as you battle it out with the hens for the top spot on the leaderboard!

A brilliant combination of sightseeing and sneaky pub stops, the stag v hen GPS challenge pits lads against lasses in a race around your chosen stag weekend destination. Armed with a tablet or smartphone and our clever app, you'll have to complete video tasks, solve photo riddles and answer head-scratching questions to unlock each location on your trail.

Head to our selected pub to pick up team packs and receive a briefing from the event manager. Then it's off into the city to discover its most awesome bits, have tons of fun and try not to let those hens get the better of you! You'll be able to see how the opposition is doing via a real-time leaderboard built into the app. Don't let them get ahead!

Creativity is the order of the day - you'll be awarded prizes for the funniest and best video clips and photos. Are you up for it?

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