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Sea Life Park Entertainment for Stag Weekends

Sea Life Park

Have a close encounter with marvellous marine creatures at the sea life park. This is a rare chance to see a whole host of fish, animals and exotic birds in one place. It's the kind of awe-inspiring stuff you usually only see courtesy of David Attenborough. Get off the beers for a bit and enjoy a bucket list experience before you get hitched. Who needs extreme sports when you can see dolphins dance?

See parrots perform all sorts of amazing tricks, meet wild swans, pelicans, and flamingos. Upgrade your experience by adding a swim with a sea lion. Trainers will show you how to get to know these friendly creatures, and you'll enjoy around 40 minutes in the water with them. How often do you get a chance to do something so exciting, rewarding and unique? They are pretty affectionate so don't be surprised if your sea lion puckers up for a little kiss!

There are no time slots, simply head over to the sea life park when you're ready and stay as long as you like.

With group entry to the sea life park organised and paid for prior to your stag weekend, you can beat the long queues and save a few Euros as well.

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