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Saucy Treasure Hunt Entertainment for Stag Weekends

Saucy Treasure Hunt

When we say 'saucy' stag treasure hunt, we mean it! Give the groom a naughty but nice surprise with a hunt that has a smokin' hot surprise at the end. Forget traditional treasure! You'll discover something far more exciting than silver and gold at the end of this epic quest.

A saucy stag treasure hunt includes all sorts of surprises, top attractions, drinking games and hilarious team challenges. Solve the clues, take photos of the biggest landmarks and smash tasks that lead to more clues and take you one step closer to your reward...

Do the saucy stag treasure hunt as a big group or split into teams and whip up the competitive spirit! It's a great way to break the ice, crank up the banter and get everyone in the stag party zone. As it includes clues that take you to iconic landmarks, you'll genuinely be able to say you broadened the old horizons.

So, what's the actual treasure? You've probably worked it out from the clues we've given so far but here's a final one: it's real and on a mission to give the stag a sendoff he'll never forget!

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