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Pirates Adult Show Entertainment for Stag Weekends

Pirates Adult Show

Ooarh me hearties! Scantily clad lady pirates at six o clock!

The Pirates adult show is one of our most popular stag party institutions. A combination revue, saucy pirate themed lady show and totally insane drinking fest, it's guaranteed to put the yo ho ho back into any group of fellers.

Pirates doesn't take place on a regular stage. Oh no. For maximum effect, your stag party is welcomed aboard a dirty great pirate ship, complete with poop deck and rigging. Acrobatics, bra and panty-clad routines and general adult merriment ensue, while you lot enjoy as much free booze as you can get your hands on!

There's live music, circus performances, and of course a gaggle of bloodthirsty pirates. Join forces with Blackbeard, Francis Drake and the legendary Barbarossa, as they terrorise the seven seas!

Expect some classic choons to come belting out as the skimpily dressed lady brigands show off their treasure. When you're not cheering on the buxom beauties, you'll be throwing your hands in the air to the beats of your youth.

A massive night out by any standards, Pirates is only available in certain stag party destinations. Find out where the good ship is sailing below.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
price match
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