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Late Departure Chillout Session Entertainment for Stag Weekends

Late Departure Chillout Session

Sunday morning is the worst bit of a stag weekend. You're hungover, the room's a mess, you have no idea where your passport is. And you're supposed to have checked out half an hour ago...

Avoid mad scrambles, giant man-tantrums and the disappointment of a skipped breakfast with this stroke of genius. For a nominal extra charge, we'll arrange for your group to leave late. Why spend half a day nursing headaches in an airport, when you could be kicking back with pool tables, beers, healing hangover drinks and snacks?

What was that? Beer and snacks? You didn't think we'd just leave you to stew in your rooms, did you? When we do a late departure, we do it properly!

Your bags will be safely stored, and you'll be given access to a chillout room packed with everything a man could want at the end of a heavy weekend. Like TV, bar games and all the nosh you can handle.

Make the last hours of your stag weekend as good as the rest of it. While lesser men are crying into their travel bags, stuck in a traffic jam in million degree heat, you'll be playing round robin pool and eating chips. Win.

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