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DJ Masterclass Entertainment for Stag Weekends

DJ Masterclass

If the groom fancies himself as Tiesto, add a DJ Masterclass to his stag do. Unleash all of those superstar DJ fantasies with a session that teaches mere mortals how to operate professional, nightclub-quality equipment with confidence and flair. Picture the scene: the lasers flash, the podium dancers wiggle, the crowd roars and a thousand fists pump the air because of your sensational DJ talent!

Back down on planet Earth, it's time to begin your DJ masterclass. Stag parties learn the tricks of the trade from professional DJ instructors. This is a very flexible class that can be tailored to suit your specific music tastes. Choose your favourite era or style: 80s acid house, 90s trance, deep house, progressive, techno, hip hop and so on, and master its signature techniques.

Brush up your DJ trivia and popular music history. Get a mixing competition going. Challenge your instructor! There are all sorts of possibilities to explore.

Each DJ masterclass is held in a city centre venue with a bar and games room. Sharpen your mixing skills, enjoy a few beers and play a little pool. What better way to get the boys in the zone for an epic stag night?

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