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Comedy Bus Entertainment for Stag Weekends

Comedy Bus

Why did the stag party cross the road? To get on the comedy bus!

This stroke of absolute genius is the reason your weekend is going to rule. For one whole night, you lot get ferried from pillar to post in wisecracking style, visiting two comedy clubs and winding up at a nightclub.

There's a full crew on board the bus to keep the fun going, including a comedy compere and a team of delightful young ladies. You won't know whether to laugh your ass off or put the moves on!

During the course of the evening, the bus takes you to two of the best clubs on the circuit. You'll get primo seats for the acts. Enjoy blistering routines from up and coming and established talent, and make sure you set the stag up for some public humiliation. Just don't get too cocky, or you'll be shot down in flames by the comics!

When you've laughed until your ribs crack, the bus picks you up for the last stop on the circuit - entry to a popular nightclub for beer and ladies. Try some of the jokes out on the local talent and dance like monkeys. When you're having this much fun, it's all good.

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