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Private Canal Boat Tour for Stag Do, Stag Party and Stag Weekend

Private Canal Boat Tour

What's the point in stumbling around a city of canals when you can take a load off and see the sights in style? With private occupancy of a party barge, an affable skipper and the option to include naked ladies, you'll nail the tourist bit of your stag weekend with ease!

Canal cities can be confusing to walk around, and many of the must-see sights look best from the water. Think of your watery stag weekend destination as a city where the roads have boats on instead of cars, and you'll get your head around the sightseeing thing.

Ordinary touring either means traipsing around after an overenthusiastic guide, or getting lost. There's never enough time to duck into a bar or two, and you end up with more complaining chaps than happy ones!

Take a leaf out of the locals' book and do your wandering the relaxing way. There's a bar on board your barge, so the party boys can stock up on extra beer while the rest of you enjoy a couple of pints and discover the city as it was meant to be seen. Unless you order a stripper or two, in which case your attention is likely to be otherwise engaged!

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