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Lounge Cruise Activity for Stag Parties, Stag Dos and Stag Weekends

Lounge Cruise

When is a cruise ship not a cruise ship? When it's a swanky-pants club lounge, crammed with fine-looking ladies and soundtracked by the biggest beats in history. Welcome, party people, to the Amsterdam Lounge Cruise!

The club-oriented stag party needs more than a couple of bars to make the most of its pre-dancing hours. The Amsterdam Lounge Cruise takes everything that's best about warm-up parties and makes it better. Think the trendiest city venue ever, on the water. Oh, and did we mention the food? That's right, chaps. You don't even need to find somewhere to eat first.

How does four courses of awesome, followed by slinky beats and a little laser-reaching sound? Bring your stag party to the Lounge Cruise ship, and you get a deliciously relaxed start to an evening that could end up anywhere - literally. It's the boat party to end all boat parties, and when you're done and docked you can keep the party going until 1am.

If that sounds a little early for you serious party heads, remember you can make this the preliminary bit to a mad night of shape throwing in one of the city's coolest superclubs. Or, if a chilled evening with the boys is just the ticket, make this the main event then cruise on to a late night bar for a few relaxing brews. Either way, it rules.

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