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Dolphin Spotting for Stag Dos, Stag Weekends and Stag Parties

Dolphin Spotting

Shift the stag party machine down a couple of gears and spend a relaxing afternoon dolphin spotting. Saunter down to the harbour, jump on board a boat equipped with sonar, and soak up the sun as the skipper sets a course for the region's dolphin watching hotspots. A cut above your average catamaran cruise, this boat trip is a quest to find intelligent, stunning mammals in their natural habitat. Prepare to be awed!

With the latest dolphin spotting equipment and an experienced skipper at the helm, you'll have a high chance of experiencing a sighting of a pod of bottlenose dolphins. See the cut through the water like butter, flip in high arcs and dive deep into the ocean. Charge those smartphone cams - the pictures will be epic!

Kick back, enjoy a few drinks on deck and cruise the coastline, checking out the sights along the way. Dolphin spotting is a chance to grab a little pocket of peace before the wedding machine moves up into 5th gear.

How often do you get the chance to see dolphins up close? If you want to do something more exciting than lazing around on the beach for the entire stag weekend, dolphin spotting is an excellent choice.

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