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BBQ Cruise

Why settle for a bog standard boat trip when you could have an unforgettable BBQ cruise? Made for stag parties, this is a day out that covers all your essentials: sailing, sunbathing, snorkelling, and succulent chargrilled grub. Escape the tourist areas for a bit, get on board, chill out and cruise the coastline.

A beach BBQ cruise includes skippered boat charter, fuel, and a big buffet lunch with different meats, buns, sauces and salads to keep the wolf from the door. Stretch out on deck, enjoy the amazing weather and send hangovers packing with freshly prepared tucker. It's just the job for the second day of a stag do.

A beach BBQ cruise isn't just about the grub. You'll get the chance to see the coastline's big sights and hidden gems. Cut through the calm waters of the ocean and glide past secluded beaches, mountain ranges, and small villages. Halfway through the cruise, the skipper will drop anchor at a tranquil bay, where you can stretch your legs, swim and grab the chance to do some snorkelling.

Make it back to civilisation in time for sunset beers at a beach bar. Job done! This is a great day trip that'll go down well with everyone on the stag do.

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