York Electric Shock Football

Want something even meaner and funnier than dodgeball for aYork stag do? Electric shock football will tickle your funny bone and unleashyour inner monster! If you've ever watched a match and shouted at the telly,stropped round the living room or actually punched the screen, this is yourdream event. You play football and variation games for one hour. Two of you aregiven electric shock gizmos at the start of each game. Then when the whistleblows, you give them to the next two and get on the pitch. It might be mean butit is fair.

Now you can properly penalise the players for literallyanything: pushing, diving, pulling shirts, charges, handling the ball - allthat stuff. If the ref shows someone the red card and you reckon he's having alaugh, shock him. Then shock him again, just to make sure he got the message.

No one needs to commit an actual foul to get shocked. Ifyou're feeling really power hungry - and you will be because this is a stag -you can zap your friends for other stuff. Like standing. Breathing. Laughing.The groom is gonna get it. Big time! You'll have a lot of chances to stitch himright up. It's way funnier than chucking him in the Ouse, and the video will beoutstanding.

This is the most fun a football fan can have, full stop. Getit booked and have a champion York stag do!

In a nutshell:

  • 60 minutes' game time
  • Football and variant games
  • 10 electric shock gadgets
  • Instructor/event organiser
  • Ball and bibs
  • Group photo
  • Over 18's only
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