York 2 Course Meal

Starting a stag do in York without a decent feed would be a schoolboy error. Unless you want to end up face-down on the cobbles of The Shambles by 9pm, get some grub in! A two-course meal and a beer at a city centre restaurant will see you right.

There are no tiny little morsels of unidentifiable food at this central eatery. This is Yorkshire, chaps, home of Saturday Kitchen's legendary James Martin! York being the capital of the county that pretty much invented man-sized portions of epic nosh, you're guaranteed belting platefuls of proper chap chow.

So what's on the menu? You'll be glad to know all the classics make an appearance, including stonebaked pizzas and major-league burgers. Expect artful twists on American-style grill and bar food, some world food surprises and a dessert menu that'll give you a heart attack just by reading it!

How do you fancy hot choccie brownies to end your eating experience? We recommend knocking back a chilled beer while you tuck into the squidgy goodness. It's a taste sensation that simply cannot be beaten.

Chaps, you have your orders. Tables, food, booze. Embark on epic stag do in York without keeling over. Job done!

In a nutshell:

  • Reserved table at a central York restaurant
  • 2 course meal, main and dessert
  • 1 beer per person

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