Wroclaw Party Bus

To the party please!

If you're away on a stag weekend, you've already got a ticket to the best party in town. Why not enjoy that party on the Wroclaw party bus? You want your party to stand out and be unique and there really is no better way of ensuring that. No need to walk between bars as you have your own bartender that will look after you, or you can even take your own booze!

In Wroclaw, the party can go on until the sun comes up the next day so there is plenty of time to fit the party bus into your busy night's schedule. No matter which night you want to hire out your party bus, we can accomodate!

No stop ride to the party!

Get the dressed up smart for the night as you get on board your party bus in the Polish party capital! We will pick you up and invite you straight into the exclusive party, which will have music playing throughout. If you're feeling extra flush and naughty; you can add a stripper to the package for an extra 180 euros. It'd be worth it!

In a nutshell:

  • Wroclaw party bus
  • 1 hour ride in party bus
  • Bartender
  • Music
  • Feel free to bring your own alcohol
  • Add stripper for extra 180 euros
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