Vilnius Tank Driving

Get behind the control column of an actual military tank for one of the finest stag weekend activities known to chap! Can you keep these FV-432 armoured vehicles on course as you smash obstacles and conquer a purpose built track?

Just a couple of klicks away from Vilnius town centre, this awesome tank course has exactly what you need for an afternoon of ridiculous fun: mud, mud and more mud! Each member of the group gets to take the joystick for a 1km lap. Engage the caterpillar tracks and experience the power as the massive engine begins to roar. You'll feel like a battalion leader conquering a real battlefield, as your machine slips, grips and churns over the dirt!

The flexible FV-432 is one of the legends of modern warfare. Originally designed as a multi-purpose personnel carrier in the 1960s, it has gone on to see service in theatres all over the world. Some FV-432s are capable of 'swimming' using their caterpillar tracks, and many are fitted with infantry guns, mortars and recoilless rifles.

If you're organising a stag weekend for a chap who loves war movies, war games or just plain old petrol-headed adrenaline, this is a no-brainer! There aren't many places where you can drive real tanks on cleverly designed circuits, but Vilnius is one. Get on it, soldier!

In a nutshell:

  • Equipment hire
  • Instruction
  • 1km lap each driving the tank
  • Return transfers

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