Valencia Tapas Meal

Enjoy a tapas dinner, we've got the food side sorted. 

It would be rude not to scoff a tapas dinner on a Valencia stag weekend. You'll be partying in the home of some truly great Spanish bodegas, which serve authentic tapas dishes and the best Rioja known to man. Get involved!

Your Valencia stag party will experience an authentic Spanish night out at a buzzing restaurant in the heart of the city.

Try homemade meatballs, garlic mushrooms, spicy potatoes, fresh shrimp, spicy sausage, goat's cheese, freshly baked bread and much more.

A tapas dinner is ideal for a Valencia stag weekend. These tasty snacks will line stomachs nicely without making everyone feel like they've eaten a Sunday roast. They also go down a treat with ice cold beer, wine or soft drinks which you'll get throughout the meal.

Packages That Include This Activity:

Valencia Stag Party Packages - Treasure Hunt and Tapas
X Marks the Spot

From £188.00 Per Person