Munich White Water Rafting

Looking for a dyed in the wool adrenaline classic to while away the daylight hours on day two of your Munich stag weekend? White water rafting has everything a daredevil feller could want from his last days of freedom!

White water rafting is truly immense, and something every chap should try at least once in his life. What could be better - not to mention more effective at curing hangovers - than strapping into an inflatable craft and flying down Bavarian rapids at speed?

You get one experienced instructor per raft, who will guide your group through the trickier sections of the river run. Expect quick currents, exhilarating views, and white water sections that would have Indy himself screaming for his mum!

Don't worry if some of the chaps in the group aren't into the idea of a near-death experience. We can also sort a more relaxed rafting adventure, which involves lots of chilling on calm waters and no terrifying descents! Pick the package that suits you best, and enjoy an up close and personal experience with the Bavarian countryside on your stag weekend.

So what's it to be, chaps? Balls-to-the-wall adrenaline fury, or a quiet session on the river with a few beers?

From Only £86.00 per Person

Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all activities and packages available in Munich.

Looking for a completely unique package?

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