Marbella Sphering

Ever wondered what it feels like to defy gravity?

Find out on your Marbella stag weekend with sphering.

Up for doing something bonkers and bit different? Sphering ticks both boxes. It's not every day a chap gets spliced. Wave goodbye to the single life by rolling down a hill at top speed in a huge inflatable ball. Genius!

Sphering will see you safe and securely strapped into the ball as it rolls merrily downhill at speeds of up to 27mph! Sphering makes grown men laugh like maniacs and scream like little girls. Add this one to the agenda and no man will forget your Marbella stag weekend.

Up the ante with aqua sphering. Add 30 litres of water and you have the world's biggest human washing machine! It has to be done at least once in a lifetime. Round up the nutters and get involved.

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