Malta Laser Tag

The perfect stag weekend battle activity, laser tag has all the competition and fun of paintball without the bruising! Ideal if the bride to be has banned lasting physical marks, this activity means you get to blow the hell out of the stag without ruining the wedding photos.

Laser tag has come a long way since the lame 80s game! Now, you can wield state of the art laser weaponry in indoor or outdoor battle simulations, in a great facility on Malta island. Your group gets to pick its battle zone on the day: inside for urban conflict, outside for classic Apocalypse Now-style scenarios!

The mechanics of laser tag are the same as ever. You're aiming to score direct hits on the sensors strapped to your enemies. When the laser hits the body pack of an opponent, it tags them out. Depending on the game, a single shot is a kill shot or a number of "lives" must be lost before the player is down and out.

Enjoy classic stag weekend challenges like Hunt the Stag and Flag Capture, or adapt the game surroundings to your own needs. With unlimited shots to fire and a hangover to cure, it's time to get your war face on!

In a nutshell:

  • Stag weekend laser tag in Malta
  • Indoor or outdoor options
  • Minimum 10 people
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