Stag party surrounds the groom with L plates. Discover the Lincoln Walkabout Entry and Drink combo:

Lincoln Walkabout Entry and Drink

Start your stag night in Lincoln right...

Unsure where to begin your stag party shenanigans in Lincoln? There's one place in the city where you'll definitely have partied before. Lincoln Walkabout Entry and Drink is a no-brainer for a stag night. Everyone's partied in a Walkabout at some point, in some city; they're available practically everywhere. Everyone's favourite Aussie-themed bar really knows how to party and we'll make sure you're in on the fun.

Lincoln's a city with a massive student population, and you can be guaranteed there will be plenty of up-for-it uni girls out when your celebrating the groom's final stand. Walkabout is a popular nightlife hotspot thanks to the bangin' tunes, always packed dance floor and plenty of affordable drinks offers. It's the ideal place to get your stag party off to a great beginning, and it's centrally located making it the perfect starting point.

Rock his Lincoln stag weekend!

With a huge student population comes queues on the most busy nights of the week. When you've only got 24-hours to celebrate the stag's final fling before the ring, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time standing around in the queues. Even worse you could hear the dreadful words 'not tonight, lads'. In order be sure everything goes to plan and your stag party makes the most of every single second in Lincoln, we'll sort group entry into this popular nightlife hotspot.

Turn up, check in with the guys on the door and wave to the hot ladies in line as you skip past the velvet rope. Once inside, the first round of shots is on us. If that doesn't get your stag party pumping, nothing will!

In a nutshell:

  • Lincoln Walkabout Entry and Drink
  • Centrally-located
  • Guest list entry & queue jumping privileges
  • 1x shot each
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