Who to support now England are out of the Rugby World Cup

So England got knocked out the Rugby World Cup by Australia, and we need someone new to support! What are the options?

To the disappointment of any sport-loving lad out there, England were beaten by The Wallabies and knocked out of this year's World Cup on their home turf at Twickenham. After all of the excitement and predictions of big things for the team, we were guttered when it happened.

But as they say, we have a'stiff upper lip' attitude towards things like this. Let's brush ourselves off and continue to get involved in what has already been an amazing Rugby World Cup. Here's the question though: who do we support now? Do we go for glory with a favourite, wave the flag of an underdog or home nation and hope for the best?

We've ran the calculations (and tasted many international beers) to bring the stats breakdown of six nations for you to pick from. Let us know who you're going for in the comments!







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Date Posted: Tuesday 6th October 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

we are good to go, visit England
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