Best Stag Do Drinking Games to Play on a Stag Party

We're always looking at ways to make a stag weekend memorable and legendary for you lads. After all, it's our duty to deliver a stag do that you will remember for a lifetime.

Stag do drinking games are the perfect tonic to get everyone going on a weekend away with the lads. We're all aware that stag dos are a boozy affair, and the best way to get the adrenaline pumping before hitting the town is with drinking games.

Here, we take you through some of the best drinking games to play on a stag weekend!

Ring of Fire

What you'll need: Cards, 1 Glass, Booze

This one will take you back to being at uni in your halls kitchen. If you didn't do this before going out at uni, you did it all wrong! Anyway, the premise of the game is simple: Get a glass (preferably pint sized) and place it in the middle of a table, surrounded by a full deck of cards that are separated but still touching. Players take it in turns to remove cards, with each card standing for something. The game will end when either all the Kings are gone, or the chain of cards is broken and the loser sinks the contents of the glass in the middle. This is such a laugh, a classic for a reason. Full rules, here.


What you'll need: Beer, Shot Glasses, Clock/Watch

Again, this is a drinking game that's likely to take you back to the care free days of uni. Give everyone a shot glass, stock the fridge full of beers and get ready to play. Take note of the starting time, or get a stop watch and fill your shot glass with beer. The idea now – you take a shot of beer every minute until you reach a hundred. That is why it's called centurion; many think it's easy, but drinking nigh on five pints in just over an hour is perfect for pre-drinks.

Never Have I Ever

What you'll need: Booze (and lots of it)

This is the simplest of drinking games. Go round the room and take it turns to say “Never have I ever…” followed by something that you have done. The idea of the game is to tell the lads a few things you perhaps haven't before or reveal a little secret someone may be hiding. Drink plenty and the game will become more hilarious as it progresses.

Ship Came into the Harbour

What you'll need: Ideas, Booze

Ever played word association or categories, well this is pretty much the same, you just introduce it differently. Get the stags sat in a circle and take it in turns to introduce the category in the way the game is named. For example, “The ship came into the harbour and with it, it brought brands of beer: Carling.” The next person says, Stella, the next Guinness and so on. If someone can't answer or takes too long, they down their drink. Brutal!

Beer Pong

What you'll need: Cups, Beer, Ping-pong balls

An absolute classic of a stag do drinking game, this is one to get the competitive juices flowing – as well as the beer! The game that originates from colleges over in the US, sees teams line up at opposite ends of the table and try to bounce ping-pong balls into the opposing team's cups. When a ball lands in a cup, it is removed and then drank. First team to eliminate the other team's cups wins. Simple! If you need the full rules, you can follow them here.

Pub Golf

What you'll need: Golf attire, scorecards

Not all stag do drinking games have to be confined to your hotel room prior to hitting the town. A memorable way to spend an evening is by playing pub golf. All the stags must dress in golf attire: tartan trousers, polo tops, visors, the lot! If you're doing it properly, you will choose a route of 18 different drinks in as many different bars. Drinks must be drank in a certain time to score par and certain hazards can be set along the way. This is the perfect way to make a stag do memorable and draw plenty of attention around town. Check out the full rules, here.

If you fancy putting these games into practice on your stag weekend, we can help you book yours! Call 01773 766 006 or email

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Date Posted: Wednesday 29th March 2017

Author: George Crewe

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