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There's a good chance that, over the festive period, one of your mates decided to pop the question. It's a time of mixed emotions; soon your mate will be tied down to married life, which could mean less going out, but on the flip-side, you now have a stag do to plan!

They are the ultimate lads' trip away, where absolutely anything goes. But, if you are part of the stag do organising committee, that brings with it a certain pressure. It's your job to ensure everyone has a weekend to remember that will go down in stag folklore!

We've put together a stag do checklist, to make sure no stone is left unturned.

Please the groom

It's important to remember who you are planning the stag do for. You are planning your best mate's stag do, so it's your job to deliver something that they will love.

Remember you're not planning your ideal weekend getaway, it's for him. Think of somewhere he's always wanted to go, or perhaps a place that's special to your group of mates. You've also got to appreciate what he wants out of a stag do; not every man wants a weekend full of male debauchery.

Get this wrong and you could piss everyone off before you've even started. Nail this, and you'll be on to a win.

Who's coming?

Next, you need to decide who is on the invite list. This provides a difficult balancing act; where exactly should you draw the line when it comes to potential attendees?

Will it be just friends, or are you planning to invite the older blokes as well – his dad and father-in-law? Just remember that if you do, you could kill the vibe somewhat. It could well be an idea to organise the stag weekend away with just the lads and arrange something separate with family, which is a bit more low-key.

Plan early

It's not something that is usually within the male DNA, but in this instance it will pay to plan early for best results. This is vital for a fair few of the elements of the stag do.

Speak amongst the other stags from the outset to decide on the weekend that best suits you all. As you know, getting everyone in one place is hard these days, so sort it out early so that everyone can be there to celebrate.

The next stage is keeping constant communication amongst the stags to keep on top of plans. You can set up an event on Facebook or perhaps just set up a group chat; either way it needs to be done so that nothing gets missed!

The earlier things are planned, the sooner things like accommodation can be booked, which will undoubtedly save you money. Leaving it until the last minute could see you paying through the nose; leaving you with a smaller kitty for the nights out to come!

Where will it be?

As briefly mentioned in the ‘please the groom' section, it's imperative that you pick the best place to suit your stag party. Whether you're going abroad or staying on British soil, it's important to consider the pros and cons of both options.

If you fancy some sun on your stag weekend, clearly going abroad will be better; but if you are a group of lads that like some home comforts such as everyone talking the language and a kebab at 4am then a home stag do may be the one.

What will you do?

Gone are the days where stag parties simply sit in a boozer all day and get smashed, well there are still a few exceptions. The modern trend is to arrange activities for you and your fellow stags to do whilst you're away.

With a whole host of activities available, you want to make sure that any activities will suit everyone in the group – you don't want to seclude anyone!

You may also be planning some form of fancy dress for the trip. Whether it's arriving to the airport in themed t-shirts or dressing up for a night out, you need to get it right. Fancy dress is hilarious when it's done properly, but can look crap if it's done half-heartedly. Don't let that be you!


We touched on accommodation earlier when we spoke about early planning, but you need to make a popular decision on where you're staying. Do you want somewhere that's centrally located, or are you looking for something a little more exclusive?

There are all sorts of options as well in terms of what type of accommodation you opt for. The budget-friendly choice is hostels, which are often a good shout for any European destinations. Then, you have the most popular choice of a hotel, but something to consider is an apartment. This is becoming increasingly popular with stag groups; it means you're all in one place and can do as you please – within reason!

Or for those with an unlimited budget, what about a villa to live it up in for a weekend?

If you're planning a stag weekend, then feel free to get in touch with the team here at Stag Weekends at or phone 01773 766 006.

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Date Posted: Wednesday 11th January 2017

Author: George Crewe

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