Wednesday Wisdom How To Survive A Midweek Hangover

As the incredible match between Manchester City and Monaco showed last night, the UEFA Champions League really is the pinnacle of club football. High quality and goals galore, the four games in the knockout stages to date have produced 24 goals. That's an average of six goals per game; long may it continue!

One of the bonuses of Champions League football, is that it gives us lads football to watch during the week. The perfect excuse to either have mates round, or head to the pub to watch the match.

The only downside is the inevitable hangover that comes after a midweek drinking session. It's all well and good saying you'll just have a couple, but we all know what it's like when you get a taste for it, especially if watching the team you support.

Here, we offer some advice on how to boss a hangover during the week.


Hangover care doesn't have to wait until the morning after. The intelligent way to tackle your hangover, is to try and prevent it in some way before you go to sleep.

The best thing to do is to leave a pint of water and two paracetamols (this wouldn't be recommended by a doctor) at your bed side before you go out, ready to chuck down your neck when you get home.

The pounding headache you get after a few beers is due to dehydration. We're not saying this remedy will eliminate a potential hangover completely, but it should make you feel a little more human when your alarm goes off.


You might think it's best to get every minute of sleep you can in the next morning, but it's better to get up with enough time to have a shower and some breakfast.

Put the shower on a bit colder than normal to wake you up from your hungover daze and then head downstairs to have some breakfast.

There's no strict guidelines as to what you should have, anything will do, from cereal to a full English. Wash it down with a strong coffee and you're ready to embrace the day. Well, as much as you can be with a hangover!

Out of the Office

If you work in an office environment, you'll know it's the last place you want to be with a hangover. At least if you work outdoors, you're on your feet, so it's easy to stay awake. Working at a desk, you'll have a nine-hour long battle with staying awake.

If you have the option, today is the day you should choose to work from home, or perhaps go and visit a client that you've been meaning to. While, we don't advocate slacking off from work, you're only bending the rules for one day…

Reward Yourself

You've got this far and you resisted the urge to call in sick, well done. Doing so well, you deserve to be rewarded with some good hangover food.

Whether that's at lunch or dinner – or maybe both – there's nothing more satisfying than some junk food on a hangover. Get home, curl up on the sofa and order yourself a takeaway, the perfect way to round off your hangover day!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Author: George Crewe

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