Wednesday Wisdom How To Nail The Stag Do Prank

If you haven't done so already, then you have to see the video that surfaced over the weekend of a stag do rowing their way through Dublin Airport.

As far as stag do pranks go, it was pure genius. Other passengers at the airport were in hysterics and the video has gone viral. That is how to nail a stag do prank.

Now, of course not all stag do pranks have to be the same as this one. If you are looking for your five minutes of fame as a stag party, there are a few other ways to get it done. Or, if you're after a more private prank, there are plenty of options.

With our years of experience in the stag business, we know a thing or two about a prank, so allow us to offer you some words of wisdom to ensure you have some good ideas and how to go about doing them.


One of the classic stag do pranks is to put the stag in a ridiculous fancy dress outfit to embarrass them. Fancy dress is a winner because it makes you stand-out as soon as you reach the airport or wherever you're going; this will lead to more attention from the hen parties doing similar trips.

There's a couple of ways you can go about this. You can dress the stag in something hilarious; it could be a personal joke between your party or something topical. Another way to leave the stag blushing is by telling him that everyone is doing fancy dress when no-one else is. Watch him rock up as the only one in fancy dress, a great way to kick-start the weekend!


Let's be honest, the stag is going to get ruined on the first night. The drinks will be flowing and it's tradition that the groom-to-be ends up in the worst state. This is where your opportunity for more pranking comes in.

Wait for him to fall asleep and then plaster a load of fake tan over their face. They'll end up looking like an oompa loompa for the remainder of the trip and vain to everybody else in sight.


Sticking on the embarrassment theme - as that's what a stag do prank is all about – we have the famous blue pill. Slip one of these in the stag's drink and he'll be standing to attention for the course of the evening.

Watch on as they try and keep it hidden for the night, you'll be in stitches! We must warn you to be careful though; one pill should do the trick – any more could be dangerous!


Everyone knows this is a stag do classic by now, you will have seen the videos, but it's a classic for a reason. Come the end of the night, get all the lads to grab hold of the stag and get him tied to somewhere in a public place.

Of course, it's up to you whether you allow him to have some dignity, or if you want to remove it by putting him in his birthday suit. Either way, this is a hilarious way to prank the stag. Don't forget to film it, either!


If you're looking to give the stag a fright, this has to be up there. Have them kidnapped from a bar or pub that you're drinking in and see how long it takes for the panic to set in!

You want them to be whisked away for long enough, so that they actually begin to think that it's a real kidnap. This is no easy feat, which is why it pays to have it done professionally, which is where we can be of assistance.


If you fancy doing a prank which is both naughty and nice for your stag, then you need to choose this option. Have your stag awoken by a gorgeous girl at his bedside, a real morning glory!

This is another prank that we have expertise in organising, so leave it to us and we'll have the stunning lady in waiting ready for a morning wake-up call; we can even get them to clean up the room.

If you would like help with organising a prank on your stag do then feel free to give our team a call on 01773 766 006 or you can email

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Date Posted: Wednesday 19th April 2017

Author: Barry ONeil

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