Wednesday Wisdom How To Grow Your Mo

Here we are, two days into Movember. No sign of that moustache just yet, everyone is still looking like a ten years younger version of their pre Movember selves. Have patience, your lady tickler will soon appear!

Of course, you can't expect to grow the perfect crumb catcher without high levels of TLC. Fortunately, fellow mo bros, we have some advice on how to grow and maintain your tash throughout Movember!

New razor

First things first, you need to get yourself a new razor or at least a new blade! It's probably been a few years since you had a wet shave and if you made the mistake of using a Bic razor at the start of the month, no doubt you have a pretty sore face right now.

You're going to be shaving pretty much daily throughout the month as you give your tash the prominence it deserves. With that in mind, you need a razor that's going to be kind to your face so you don't go into work looking like your face has been dragged through a thorn bush!

Look after your skin

Skin care doesn't solely come in the form of a new razor blade. Much of the skin care process relies on your pre and post shave treatment. Before you shave it is best to soak a flannel in hot water and then press the hot flannel against your face for a few minutes; this will open the pores on your face ready to shave.

Don't abandon the flannel completely, you're going to need this post shave as well. Once you have finished your shave, get your flannel cold this time and soak your face with it. This will close the pores on your face, aiding recovery for any small cuts you may have made during your shave.

Finally, it is advisable to then moisturise your face with a good aftershave balm or facial moisturiser. Doing so will give you a face as smooth as a baby's backside and give you a shining glow!

Decision time

In the early stages of Movember it is important to make a decision on what style of mo you want to grow. Be realistic; not every man has the adequate facial hair to grow a thick tash, so choose wisely.

It's also important to consider what style of mo will suit you best! You're going to be wearing this thing for the whole of November'you want it to look good!

Trim the tash

Fast forward a couple of weeks and (hopefully) your tash will begin to take shape and become more obvious. Moustaches are a thing of art. They're not like beards which you can leave for a few weeks without any maintenance; they need real care and precision.

Initially, you will be able to get away with using a standard beard trimmer to cut away those hairs hanging over your lips. As the month wears on and your tash gets thicker, you will most likely need some more specific facial hair scissors.

These scissors can be purchased easily enough in stores or online. The other advice we recommend is to trim when the tash is dry. If your moustache is wet after a shower, the hair can appear longer which means you could trim a little more than planned. That would be disastrous!

Groom the tash

Simply cutting and trimming your mo just won't do, it will need more than that! If you want to style your tash and make it look cool, you are going to need some moustache wax. Yes, there is such a thing!

Warm the wax in your fingers and run it through your furry friend, remember that a little will go a long way! This is brilliant for mos of all shapes and sizes; whether you are simply making it look sleeker or are going for an ambitious twirl'moustache wax will be your new best mate.

Finally, send us photos of your Movember attempts throughout the month and you could be in with a chance of winning our weekly prizes! Simply find the competition on our social media pages below or head to the competition page to find out more!




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Date Posted: Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Author: George Crewe

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