Wednesday Wisdom How To Avoid Making A Fool Of Yourself

With Christmas just over a couple of weeks away, many of you will be having Christmas parties at work. In fact, you may have already had yours; so apologies if this Wednesday Wisdom has come too late.

Christmas parties at work can be a strange experience; a night out with your colleagues that you usually just sit with at your desk. Some get on better than others, but realistically you wouldn't usually socialise outside of work.

You've all heard the horror stories from Christmas parties; passing out drunk, affairs, and the list goes on. In fact, you may have experienced it first-hand.

We thought we would give you some advice on how to avoid making a fool of yourself at this year's Christmas party, so that you can go into work with your head held high.

Don't drink too much

It might sound obvious, but the best way to avoid embarrassment at your Christmas do is to be sensible with your alcohol intake. Let's be honest, if you've had a few too many beers, shots, etc. the chances are that you'll do something stupid.

Heavy drinking also leads to bad memory loss. It's not fun wondering all weekend what you may have done at the party and having to walk in the office unsure of what everyone's thinking.

As almost as impossible as it sounds, lay off the free champagne, say no to the shots from a co-worker. This is the best way to prevent making an idiot of yourself, but realistically it won't happen!

Befriend a lightweight

If you can't stay away from the relentless amount of booze, it's important to choose the right drinking buddy. Like anything in life, if someone is worse than you at something, it makes you look better at it. That rule can be applied to drinking.

Stay close to someone who you know is a lightweight when it comes to their drink. Someone that you know will be twice as pissed as you come the end of the night. The beauty of this tactic is that they will divert any attention away from yourself, which means they will be the talk of the office come Monday morning.

Lightweights also have a tendency to throw up as the evening progresses; this is now your opportunity to be the knight in shining armour. A great way to earn some work related brownie points.

Keep your thoughts to yourself

We all have thoughts and opinions of fellow employers, but it's usually best practice to keep whatever they are to yourself. But, as you know, the truth can often be blurted out when drunk.

It's never a good idea to tell some home truths at a Christmas party, no matter how much you may want to. Be sure to tell yourself that before the party and hope that your drunk self keeps lips sealed for the entirety of the evening. Remember, you still have to work with these people!

Avoid married women

Everyone loves work gossip, especially if it involves romance. The most common story to come out of Christmas party nights is someone sleeping with someone that they shouldn't. It almost always happens.

We suggest avoiding this scenario, unless you want to be hot topic of the office for the next month. As tempting as it may be for a single man, it's never a good idea to sleep with someone from the office who has got a husband at home.

It won't do anything for your reputation at work and would make things super awkward between you and her!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 7th December 2016

Author: George Crewe

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