Virtual Stag Party

Yes, guys we may not know when the real Stag Party is going to happen but that does not mean that you can’t have a mini virtual Stag Do in preparation. This is the perfect time for all the lads to get to know each other and have some fun together virtually. Yes, it will not be the same but when the stag party time does finally come along it will be a party to remember, and everyone needs that too look forward to now! 

But why not make now a good time to do a virtual pre-Stag, it’s a great way to get everyone talking and we all need a bit of fun and banter at the moment.

You could use house party or zoom depending on how many guys are in the party, set a time, let everyone know to have their drinks at the ready and get the virtual stag party going! All the lads can video call in and let the banter begin. You could even don some fancy dress to really get into the Stag Weekend spirt! 

You could play a few games to get the competitive streak going, either have a football or sport quiz at the ready. You can get loads of these quizzes online and see which one of the boys really knows his sport stuff! 

You could play old games like snog, shag, marry, give each one of the lads 3 celebs and they must choose which one to do each one with. Don’t forget the mean ones are always funnier! Or guess whose body part it is, show parts of celebs bodies and the guys have to guess who it belongs to, always good to through in a few curve balls here!

Or could do the virtual Stag Do on a virtual game like COD, get all the lads ready and see who really has the skills to save the world!

Video calls are now becoming the norm, so why not have a video pre-Stag Party it makes perfect sense! Once the drinks get flowing you could have dance offs between the lads, see how bad the dancing skills really are, or you could have DJ offs, each lad has to pick a party tune. Who will have the bangers to keep the party going or who will crash and burn! 

For the grand finale why not find a video of a stripper or lap dancer, just make sure no ladies are in ear shot for this part!

See guys Virtual Stag Do’s could be fun!

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Date Posted: Thursday 9th April 2020

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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