Unusual Activity Ideas For Your Next Stag Party

Being the best man is not easy. Organising a stag party? Even more difficult, especially when you have a history of mundane stag parties to trump. Sure, the last time you got sloshed on the bar crawl was a lot of fun, but stag parties have come a long way now. Stag parties nowadays are more than just a bad hangover.

So if it's your turn to organise this once in a lifetime event for your best mate, make sure you're doing something unique. Something that will stump the guys and make them go “hell yeah? Hell Yeah!!”.

Choose from these unusual stag party activities that will take your single life send off to the next level:

It's a Knockout

Remember the BBC cult TV show that had you laughing till you had tears in your eyes? Its back, and you're participating! That's right, participate in a hen versus stag It a Knockout challenge, complete with humongous costumes, original challenges, and an energetic MC that will make sure the energy levels never dip!

Loaded with wacky amusements and insane challenges, It's a Knockout is ensured to be not at all like whatever else you've ever done! Froth filled courses, inflatable games, and group challenges make this an event filled with good times for everybody!

Freak Show

A complete justification to the name, a freak show is something none of the stags would have experienced before. Imagine settling in for a meal with the guys, ordering the most delicious and scrumptious food and then suddenly, weird things start happening.

You notice the weird interiors of the place, clowns staring and grinning at you from the shadows, ancient circus equipment on the ceiling. That's just the beginning of a completely unexpected freak show that will surprise, and possibly scare the living bejesus out of the guys, while you enjoy a good laugh!


This one is for those who love escape rooms out there. If you have been to an escape room setting before, this is going to definitely surprise you and the guys. While the premise remains the same, escape a locked room with your mates by solving riddles, answering clues, and cracking codes.

Perfect for those grooms that love a challenge, Escapologic will put your problem solving and observational skills to test. The best part is, the activity uses designs and props for the rooms to totally immerse you into a different world.

Fire Breathing Workshop

This activity takes the ‘learning a new skill' thing to another level. A crowd-pleasing showstopper in circus shows, fire breathing is a technique that demands skills, patience, and balls of steel.

The activity starts with an hour of fire breathing training by a renowned expert fire breather. During practice, you will be using water. Once you have mastered the new skill, you will be putting up a show in front of the guys, showing off your newfound mastery in fire breathing.


As mentioned in the beginning, stag parties are evolving, and more stag groups are flocking to exotic European destinations for their celebrations. If you too, are thinking of something on similar lines, make sure you incorporate at least one of the activities mentioned above to make your stag party a memorable one.

Bar crawls and stripclubs have become routine when it comes to stag parties. Do something unique on your best mate's single life sendoff, and your party will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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Date Posted: Thursday 24th May 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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