Unique and Alternative Stag Do Ideas

Throwing a stag do worth being in the history books can be a challenge but there is no dearth of unique stag do ideas and activities if you dare to dream. Every stag night is made up of plenty of booze, babes and hungover mornings. So what are you going to do different and add to your stag party to make it truly unique and unforgettable?

Don't worry we never run out of ideas lads, we've got you covered to throw the ultimate stag party with some of the top stag do ideas.

1. Zombie Bootcamp

Get your stag gang enrolled in our unique zombie bootcamp in Birmingham for a truly extraordinary experience. Your stag gang will be welcomed by hardcore bootcamp trainers who will allot bunks to everyone along with your riot gear, after which you will head straight for training. Your stag gang better get ready to fight off some real zombies who are out to suck your blood. You lads must stick together and communicate to take down the horde of infected zombies before they infect you all. This one will be a truly creepy and blood rushing activity, literally. You'll be given some real military gear like a riot helmet, body armour, arm and leg protection before you are sent out into the field for the zombie combat mission.

2. Mini Tank Paintballing

You may have heard of paintball but if you haven't heard of mini tank paintballing, then it's time to add this to your list of unique and alternative stag do ideas. Paintball guns are for amateurs, mini tanks are what it's about now. Get your stag gang ready to drive a mini tank, almost like the real deal, with big bore turret guns for some paint attack. The tiny tanks with caterpillar tracks and joysticks are going to be the highlight of the stag weekend and definitely qualifies for a unique stag do activity. This one is for all the stags who love a good fusion of action and fun. So if your stag loves paintball, then this is definitely a cherry on the cake.

3. Mini Moto Sprint

Imagine you big lads racing on small wheels. Yup, that's what this is about. You know you haven't tried this before and it's one hell of a laugh lads! Your stag gang will be racing on tiny motorbikes as if in Mariokart 8. This one will be all about balancing yourself on the tiny engines, speeding off and beating your fellow stags making sure you don't fall off laughing. Don't worry you won't be racing on tracks meant for the big wheels, this will be on a track specially designed for the tiny ones. It may sound easy, but it's tougher than riding a real bike. Speed, competition and fun, it's the recipe for the perfect, fun stag do activity.

4. Tank Driving

This may have not even struck your minds, but yeah this one is possible guys. Don't think these are some replicas that will be easy to drive, it's the real deal and it will be equally real when you lads get your helmets on and get the engine roaring. You will be handed control of a 16 tonne war machine and taken through an obstacle course of a military training session. If you clear all obstacles, the drill instructor might just let you lock target with the giant cannon. Now, that really is what an afternoon on a stag weekend should look like. Feel the adrenaline rush and get a peek into what real, live military action must feel like.

5. Live Action Escape Rooms

What's more unique than getting locked in a room with a zombie, looking for clues to get the hell out! This one isn't for the faint hearted and if you're looking for an adrenaline rushing and bonding activity, then this one should be on the list. The stag gang will have to work together to look for clues and fight off the zombie till the time the lads have figured out how to escape.

There's another escape room activity, but in this one you're felons. The stag gang will have to try and escape a locked prison van. If you lads are up for it, this is one of the most exciting and challenging stag do activities.


Unique stag do activities will make for a unique stag do experience, one that the stag gang will remember for life. It's going to set the benchmark for all the forthcoming stag weekends. So ditch the old stag night ideas that you've heard and seen, dare to do something new, refreshing and scary. Afterall, it's the celebration of your lad's bachelorhood and it definitely deserves to be one which is remembered for life!

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Date Posted: Monday 21st January 2019

Author: Barry O'Neil

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