Love Water Activities?...Here's The Ultimate Water Sports Stag Do Guide!!

If you are one of those who feel an immaculate relation with water and your group of stags love everything about water, beaches & the sea, then you must read on. If your groom-to-be best friend is a fanatic of adventure and also loves water then what could be better for him, than to arrange a bunch of watersport activities that will serve you the thrill you seek and will surely get you soaked with loads of fun!!

So keeping this in mind here are a bunch of water sport activities that you must try while celebrating the end of your mate's bachelorhood.

Cliff Jumping - Probably one of the wildest but fun assuring activities, the cliff jumping experience is like no other. No safety rope, no specialized equipment, you are completely free when you jump. This is also one of those things that you won't normally get to do every day. So climb up the cliff, run as fast as you can, soak in the scenic beauty (that you get to see when you jump!), and then get soaked in water. This experience is something you won't ever forget!

Jet Skiing - If speed and water seem the perfect combination to you, then jet skiing is something that you should not miss at any cost. Feel the wind on your face as you fly across the surface of the water. If you are new to this sport then do not worry as we will provide professional trainers who will help you learn. You can also race your fellow stags and claim the title!

Kite Surfing - One of the water sports that is gaining popularity in UK, kite surfing allows you to surf water even when there are no waves! Yes, this challenging and exhilarating activity is something that you find rarely, but we are here to provide you with the best, so you must give it a try. Just attach yourself to the sail and let the wind carry you away!!

Kayaking - If you are looking out for some light watersport that offers you and your group, equal enjoyment then kayaking is the perfect thing for you! Grab your ocean kayak and hop on. You can even form teams and get competitive in a kayaking race, or just stay in the ocean for hours enjoying as much as you can!!

White Water Rafting - Offering you the ultimate thrill and making you feel that adrenaline rush, the white water rafting is an activity for the brave-hearted stags who seem to endure the thrill and adventure this ride has to offer. Be prepared to get soaked as you go downstream in the fast flowing river on a raft, that is open from all sides! Just make sure that you are appropriately strapped in before you give this thing a go.

So if you feel that the stag party you will throw for your groom-to-be mate should be thrilling and adventurous, then feel free to contact us, and we will arrange everything for you!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 11th April 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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