How to Look Your Best On Your Last Night As a Stag?

So the big night of your bachelorhood is round the corner and you've got to look your best too! Your wedding day is not the only day you need to look your best, your stag night needs the best of you too. It is the last night you get to call yourself a single man, the last night of your fingers without a ring, the last night of being a Mr. without a Mrs., the last night of free partying with your stag gang. How you dress up and groom yourself for your stag night, is a big factor in your stag celebration, so make sure you've got your outfit on point, your hair set right and your beard groomed well to make you look dashing and ready to rock the night. Looking good is not just a one day work, so get the men's grooming guide out because if you want to get the look you want for your stag night, you're going to have to work for it. We've got some tips for you to help you through the decision making of getting the perfect look for your stag night.

1. Dress To Impress

This is the first thing that you need to decide and get out of the way before you move on to other grooming tips for men. What are you going to wear to break hearts and get a lap dance? Well, the attire for the night will have to depend a lot on the activities of the night. What you and your stag gang have in mind for your stag do will determine what kind of clothing you should wear. If you're going for a night of bar crawl and lap dances, you can don a casual outfit of jeans and a shirt. However if you're going for a casino/ strip club kind of a stag do, well then, mate you might want to up your dressing game because the classy ladies like their men dressed sharp.

If you've got a stag weekend packed with adventurous sports and activities, then opt for a more cool look with shorts and t-shirt on the agenda.

Weather conditions will also be a major factor in your choice of clothing. If you and your gang are travelling to a cold place then make sure you carry enough warm clothes to suffice the trip and if you're going to a sunny destination with a beach and the sea, then don't forget your speedos boys!

A very important tip that you can thank us later for, is carrying an extra pair of clothes wherever you go for your stag do. In our experience, unexpected things and events take place on a stag night but an extra pair of clothes will make sure you at least don't have to walk around naked.

2. Hair Game on Point

Well this is where you can experiment with that hairstyle that your girlfriend never approved of. If you want to try a new, wild look before you get hitched, then this is your chance. Don that man bun, or relive the teenage days with gelled spikes or just a simple hairstyle that's more you, anything and everything is permitted on stag night. However, the only thing you need to make sure is that your hairstyle compliments your outfit. For example, a beach outfit will not do too well with a formal hairstyle, you might want to keep it casual and cool for a chilled out night.

3. Men's Ultimate Grooming

Well, let's get it straight out and down to the body hair. What do you do with your facial hair, chest hair and every other hair? Well the facial and body hair grooming is a very major decision you need to make, because this is going to last you till your wedding. So be careful if you decide to lose the beard and go for a clean shave look, make sure you're sure about that because the beard might not grow back in time for the wedding.

Don't be shy of getting a good manicure, pedicure and also a facial. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look your best on your last night as a stag. More often than not, men forget to get their nose and ear hair trimmed. Let's not forget you've got hair, there, everywhere. Trust us, you want to look your best on your stag night because that's the memory you're going to hold onto when you're missing your bachelor life. So don't be afraid to get those bushy brows shaped and trimmed a little. You can go for a wax or threading whatever pain you choose, just make sure you give yourself a day's rest after your grooming schedule is over. You may want to put ice packs everywhere you've lost hair.

Don't get the facial hair and body hair grooming done too close to the day, especially if you're getting it done for the first time. You should give your body some time to relax the sudden pain and also give time for the redness to disappear. We'd say get it done four to five days before your stag night.


Your stag night is the day for you to tick off the look you always wanted, from your bucket list. On your wedding day you might be going for one of the classic looks and a tuxedo to go with, because you're dressing up not just for yourself but also for your, to be Mrs. But on your stag night you can do whatever the hell you want and go as crazy and wild as you can. Keep your style intact and stay cool!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 24th October 2018

Author: Barry O'Neil

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