Top 5 Stag Do Gone Wrong Moments in The Movies

It's not all The Hangover, you know. Before Bradley Cooper ever discovered Mike Tyson's tiger in the bathroom, there were dozens of feckless goons making arses of themselves in the service of a stag do flick. Here are my top five'stag do gone wrong' moments from the movies.

Staggered, 1994

Men Behaving Badly's Martin Clunes plays Neil, a loved-up idiot who lets his mates sabotage his wedding by dumping him naked on a remote Scottish island. It's rubbish. But it does feature a donkey's head and a jewel robbery.

Sideways, 2005

'I am not drinking any f*cking Merlot!' The best-ever cinematic vision of the stag do gone wrong features no posh hotel rooms, no hookers, and it doesn't go anywhere near Vegas. Sideways, the tale of two over-middle-aged buffoons on the worst stag do ever, takes place in the Napa Valley in California. It's full of hilarious moments, so picking one is pretty hard. I'm going for the'deliberately crashing the best man's car into a tree, so you can explain why the groom's nose is broken' scene.

Bachelor Party, 1984

When the ex-boyfriend kidnaps your bride from a drunken orgy?¦ It's almost impossible to explain the plot of legendary 80s frat-boy comedy Bachelor Party, but when your stag do collides with your fiancee's hen do, you know it's going wrong fast.

Very Bad Things, 1998

Before Jon Favreau directed Iron Man movies, he was starring in off-the-wall movies like Very Bad Things - a deep-black comedy about a stag do gone wrong. Like, really wrong. What happens when one of the guests on your last night of freedom accidentally kills a prostitute? The answer's right there in the title.

The Hangover, 2009

OK, so it had to be in there somewhere. There are'stag do gone wrong' movies, and then there's The Hangover. In a league of its own, and the only stag do film ever to spawn two sequels, this is the Holy Grail. But it's still not as good as Sideways. Have you got any good stories about a stag do gone wrong? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!
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Date Posted: Wednesday 9th December 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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