Stag Do Activities: How To Satisfy the Adrenaline Junkie in You

Being the best man, it becomes your ultimate responsibility to throw the best stag party for your mate who is about to lose his bachelorhood! Now when it comes to a stag do that is remarkably memorable, there are a lot of things that can be arranged that involve extreme enjoyment (of all sorts!).

So what better than taking your stag and the lads for a 'stag-tastic' weekend, that is full of activities which will unquestionably give that adrenaline rush to all of you.

So here are a few activities, offered by us, that will give you the thrill, push and adventure you seek, making your stag party the best -

Action Man - Want to feel how real action heroes do? One of our most popular activities, action man, is designed to give you more than what you expect. Either get into a long paintball fight with your lads or play it with style, by taking up archery. You can finish your day with driving a mini tank!

Warrior - The medieval kings and warriors didn't have the new age weapons, they threw axes and knives to attack, and you will do the same! Unleash your inner warrior with full force, just make sure that you don't throw the axe on your foot! Choose your weapon, charge up, aim for your target and throw with full force. The stag with the most hits will win.

Redneck Games - If you want a stag do that challenges you but also tickles your groups' funny bone then the redneck games are the thing for you! Don into the attire of a street group to make a statement and find yourself competing in a variety of weird games designed to give you both thrill and humour, at the same time. P.S. You will be covered in mud for sure!

The James Bond Assault Course - Accept it or not there has always been a time in your life where you were so amazed by James Bond that you wanted to be like him, well, we are about to give you that chance! This full-day event assault course will test your strength and skills, while you go through various obstacles on the trail, beating all the stags to claim the title!

The Military Assault Course - Probably one of the most challenging activities, the military assault course is our answer to your hunger for action, thrill, adventure and fun. Get yourself knee deep in the mud and make a strategy to fare out the course. Compete with your pals but make sure to leave no man behind! Walk, run, climb, crawl and even jump, do everything it takes to finish off this course, that will fill you up with fuel!!

So, if you and your stag are looking out for the adrenaline rush that will force you all to give your best and have the best time, then these activities are evidently designed for you. We will provide you with everything necessary that will make your experience worth every penny!!

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Date Posted: Thursday 5th April 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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