The Gentleman's Guide To Stag Trip Etiquette

As the best man, the responsibility of hosting the best stag do for your groom friend is on your shoulders, so you better get ready mate! The celebration of the groom's last few days of singlehood, before he puts a ring on it and says ‘I do', is all on you.

You want to take your groom out for a night of great fun and wild times. There's no one stopping from fulfilling this noble cause, but make sure in the name of stag do, you don't cross certain boundaries and limitations that should be kept in mind when throwing your groom friend a stag party.

Here are some stag do etiquette tips to help you ensure that you don't mess it up.

1. Groom All The Way

You may confuse the stag do with an all boys' night and that's where you're wrong. A stag do is just that, a stag do and it's for the groom. So make sure that you've got the likes, dislikes and interests of the groom at heart when planning the stag do. If the man doesn't like strip shows, don't force one on him, although we doubt there is a man in this world who doesn't like a pair of legs on his lap, but oh well!

Make sure you consult the groom, if you're not sure of his choices, and then go ahead with the planning and bookings for the stag do. It's always better to consult the groom and then plan a stag do as per his taste, than to assume and not be sure whether he'll like it or not.

2. Everybody's Not Rich

Not everybody in the stag gang has credit cards to max out, so make sure you fix an affordable budget. Make it easy for everyone to contribute their share easily without emptying their bank balance. Let everyone feel comfortable in paying and make sure you book early to get the best prices and to give everyone time to pay in instalments. Discuss the budget with everyone BEFORE you get down to planning and making the bookings.

3. Dangerous Pranks

Stuffing a mars bar down the groom's pants to make it look like poop the next morning is fun, but shaving off his eyebrows or getting a permanent tattoo on his face, not so much. Know the limits of pranks and jokes, don't force the groom to indulge in something that he might not be comfortable with. Play pranks on him but make sure they aren't hazardous or dangerous to the groom or anyone else in the stag gang. A stag do is supposed to be fun and wild yes, but don't try to make it so much fun that it costs you a leg or two.

4. Stick Together

Wherever you boys go for your stag do, whether abroad or keeping it in the UK, stick together. Don't break away from the group. All of you will be getting drunk and wild, so make sure you all stick together, no one wants to spend their night looking for that one guy.

A stag gang which sticks together, gets lost never!

5. What Happens At A Stag Do Is Forgotten At The Stag Do

Don't get the groom in trouble with his wife-to-be or other family members by posting photographs and videos of the stag night on Facebook or other social media platforms. A stag do is the last night of singledom for the groom exclusively with his boys. If he wanted his wifey to know, he would have invited her, lads. So be good gentlemen and keep shush!


At the stag do, the aim of the entire stag gang should be to have fun responsibly, get wild in limits and not kiss another girl. So if you've got the basics covered, then you're good to go and get drunk. Just get the groom safely and soberly at the altar in time for the wedding, without any scary tattoos or a cast!

Get stag-ging!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 21st November 2018

Author: Barry O'Neil

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