Stag Weekends Festival Essentials

Preparing for a festival can be a stressful time (as I have found out this week) and it is easy to forget what you may need to take with you!

Yes, I realise that we are in the middle of the festival season and some of you may have already been and done the likes of Glastonbury, but with the likes of Reading and Leeds and Bestival still on the horizon, I thought a list of festival essentials could still come in handy:

Tickets – Right, this might sound almost too obvious, but don't forget your ticket! I've been to so many gigs where a mate has left their ticket and we've had to try and buy one off a shady looking tout. Trust me you don't want to do that so make sure you have all your tickets before you leave; that includes any additional tickets such as car parking and early entry.

Tent – If you're camping, I'm sure you will have remembered to take a tent, but it's the quality of tent that's important. Your tent is your home for the weekend so make sure you have enough room for you, your mates, and all your belongings. As you know, you can't rely on the British weather, so it is sensible to get yourself a reliable, waterproof tent. From experience, a wet soggy tent can put a real dampener on your weekend.

Booze – Most festivals allow you to take in a ‘personal allowance' when it comes to booze. People walking from their cars to the campsite clutching a 24 crate of beer has become a synonymous sight with festival goers. Glass bottles don't tend to be allowed so buy some big bottles of water, empty said bottles of water and refill them with your spirits of choice. Although you won't be allowed to take your own alcohol into the arena at festivals, having your very own off licence worth of booze at your campsite will save you loads of cash; and the majority of your time will be spent sat round the tents in camp chairs!

Seating – Talking of camp chairs, make sure you take one! Most of your time will be spent sat in this throughout the weekend and you don't want to be the one that forgot theirs and has to make do with sitting on your crate of Stella. A word of warning though with the camp chairs, when you go to sleep at night, it's a good idea to fold it up and store it away in your tent. People like to steal them at night otherwise – trust me on this one!

Food – At a festival, you will spend more time drinking than you will eating, but it's a good idea to have an emergency supply of food! Stock up with biscuits and cereal bars; these will be a good send when you're hungover and in need of some energy. And if you're feeling extra fancy, you could take a small camping stove to cook tins of beans and spaghetti. Another staple camping food!

Toiletries – Unless you are a festival snob and are stopping in the VIP camping area, you won't have access to actual toilets. Be prepared for how bad festival toilets/portaloos get after a couple of days; you will need to take a supply of toilet roll. Again, unless you are VIP, you won't be having a shower for a few days, so the best way to clean yourself will be with baby wipes and dry shampoo!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 12th July 2017

Author: Barry ONeil

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