Stag Night Party Games and Ideas

Stag party games are an absolute necessary when it comes to keeping things interesting. They offer a certain level of challenge to the lads and ensure that they remain occupied at all times and always lead to great pics and stories.

First time organising a stag do? Have no idea what games to include? We've got your back. We have made a list of 5 great stag do games that you can enjoy with your stag group:

  • Accents – When on a pub crawl, the game involves talking in a specific accent in every pub. As the night progresses and the guys get hammered, watch as the accents turn into an incomprehensible slur. Whoever does the least convincing accent, has to down a shot.
  • The next game is called Back Fire - The premise is simple, everyone in the group writes a dare for the groom. The twist comes in, everyone does the dare that they wrote instead of the groom. Failure to complete the task results in a penalty (probably more drinking).
  • Hand Out - Fill a bum bag with embarrassing items and hand it over to the groom. The dare is simple, the groom has to hand the items in the bum bag to different women in a certain period of time or give in to a forfeit.
  • Spartacus - One member of the group randomly gets up with their drink in their hand, shouts ‘I am Spartacus' and proceeds to chug their drink down. After this each member of the group has to follow and perform the same feat with whatever drink they have.
  • Toy Soldiers - The last one on the list is ‘Toy Soldiers'. At the beginning of the night, each stag is given a different toy soldier. Each soldier defines a different position for each stag. At random times, the best man will shout “assume the position” and everyone must hold the pose of their toy soldier. Last one to do so bears a penalty.

These are just a few stag games that can add some zest in your stag night. Do you know of any more? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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Date Posted: Tuesday 12th June 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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