Best Stag Do Fancy Dress Ideas

We've seen some awesome stag do ideas for fancy dress in our 15-plus years arranging last weekends of freedom! We thought we'd share a few of the very best with you. If you're stuck for inspiration, you'll definitely find some here...

The “Current Trend”

Jump aboard the zeitgeist train with a homage to whatever's cool right now. Hit the right pop culture buttons, and you'll get approving looks from bartenders and free drinks from ladies all night long!

Now: Christian Grey. Grey suits and handcuffs, chaps. The hen parties will dig it the most.

Then: Oasis.

The TV Geek

The geek shall inherit the earth, and the stag party dressed as the guys from The Big Bang Theory shall inherit the adulation of all ladies under the age of 35. Sheldon Cooper gets the best T shirts, btw.

Now: Like we said. Sheldon, Raj, Leonard and Howard are the men. Also Game of Thrones or the cast of Breaking Bad.

Then: Friends. How you doin?

The Superhero

This one's as old as Superman and Batman combined, and it's still awesome. Think outside the box and you could be rocking Guardians of the Galaxy or the Avengers!

Now: Batman.

Then: Batman.

The “Off the Wall”

Every now and then, we see a stag party dressed as something totally unique. And everyone in the bar buys them beer. The basic rule: the more thought you've obviously put into your costumes (think ensemble effect!), the bigger the props you get.

Now: A giant mecha-bot. Individually, every one of you is a robot, but, Transformers style, if you all group together you become invincible. The stag is the head!

Then: Charlie and the Oompah Loompahs.

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Date Posted: Monday 16th February 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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