Stag Do Drinking Games and Ideas

Three Drinking Games For An Exhilarating Stag Night

Being the best man is no easy job. From organising an epic stag do, to delivering a memorable and funny best man speech, the job includes a number of responsibilities that cannot be ignored. When it comes to planning a stag do, Stag Weekends may take care of all the bookings, but there are still a number of things a best man has to plan themselves.

Entertaining the boys with great drinking games is one of these responsibilities. If you are struggling with finding the right drinking games, we are presenting you with three options that will surely have the guys puking their hearts out.


The Centurion is a pretty straightforward game. The basic premise is to down 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. While you might think that this is pretty sober for a drinking game, we have done our research, and can assure you this is a common misconception.

The players will unsuspectingly begin the game and think its easy. Cut to, about 80 shots down, and you will begin to feel it. Whoever becomes the first man to down 100 shots, is the winner.

Never have I ever

Everyone's favourite uni drinking game. For those unaware of the rules, the game is simple. Each player tells the group about one thing they have never done, and everyone else that has done the activity, takes a shot.


The game starts with the players sitting down with their drinks and an empty pint glass in the middle. The first player pours a drink inside the glass. This is their bet. Next, the player on the left flips a coin, and the first player guesses. If the guess is correct, the player on the left downs the contents of the glass. If however, the guess is incorrect, the first player has to chug whatever is inside the glass.

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Date Posted: Monday 2nd July 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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