Stag Do Dares

Stag do dares are hilarious. But you've got to get the balance right, or you'll end up with a groom who's either got a black eye, or no fiancee anymore! Check out our list of safe (but still funny) dares, and make sure your best bud's stag is the best ever.

The Funky Stag

Also known as the “Street Dance”, this little beauty puts your man front and centre for an impromptu dance routine. It's got to be in the street, and it's got to be done whenever you say so. For maximum effect, give him a trigger word, and let him know that he has to do the dance once during the night but you're not telling him when. The suspense will kill him!

You can adapt the Funky Stag to include more members of the group.

The Pop Picker

This is one for the chaps, to be kept secret from the stag until it happens! Give each of the boys a really, really bad song to request from one of the many DJs you come across on your mission, and get them to have it dedicated to the groom in the loudest and most embarrassing way possible. Or pick one song and get it played for him in every new bar you visit...

The Man of Steel

This one's complicated but hilarious... In each bar, the groom has to vanish suddenly, put his pants on over his trousers, and come to the “aid” of a lady in “distress”. Make him say “does someone need a man of steel?” in a loud voice every time he re-enters the room!

Need more inspiration for your stag do? You've come to the right place! Talk to Stag Weekends on 01773 766 006, or email for epic ideas!

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Date Posted: Monday 16th February 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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