Best Stag Do Costumes, Outfits & Dress Up Ideas

We love stag do costumes. They're a great way to stamp your individuality on the evening - and when the beer starts to flow, they can really help in spotting stragglers too!

As a stag do company that his been one of the top stag party providers for over 15 years, we're pretty familiar with the classics. We've seen some amazing new looks in the last few years too. These are some of our favourites...

Facial Hair Olympics

OK, so it's not strictly a costume - but we reckon growing a beard/'tache for your mate's stag do deserves a mention for commitment! Get the chaps on board early, and challenge every man jack of them to present the most formidable face-fungus they can muster when the night rolls around. Winners are to be adjudged by the first willing ladies you can find, and the grand high beard champion gets a beer from the kitty.

Where's Wally?

Wally's a stag do classic, and one of the easiest costumes ever for recalling lost chaps to the fold. It's impossible to miss the signature red and white striped jersey, and the more of him there are the more fun it is.

For extra points, get the stag to dress up as that crazy Odlaw (the reverse Wally, he wears black and yellow and has a moustache). Or get the crew to be Wally Watchers (they look almost like Wally, but not quite), and the stag to be the stripy hero!

Mr Men

Come on, chaps. You'd be mad not to. Roger Hargreaves' much-loved kids characters are perfect for a stag do! Pick the one that suits your character, and get creative. You won't have to buy a drink all night.

Got your stag do costume all sorted? Time to get the rest of it booked! Give Stag Weekends a call on 01773 766 006, or email

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Date Posted: Monday 16th February 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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